A little boy sees
A jet in the sky
Through a tall classroom window
And thinks
About the end of the world.
The noise he can hear
On this tedious morning
Links up to the fear
Of a nuclear bomber.
He waits for the siren
The 4 minute warning.

Of all the possible combinations
Of the information one has learnt to correlate
There is one which would mean
The worst that can be
That can be shown.

But surely sense data only mean what
They appear to mean if they correspond
With reality?

The suggestion is put that the only reality
That matters is the one within your mind.
What is meant is thus what is real.
You know about the accumulation of evidence
How certain data justify certain
Beliefs, appropriate responses,
Even if only to ‘wait and see’.
One day you are asked to try out the
Mechanics of damnation
And solve all the clues
Much worse than anything you
Ever might conceivably
Hear on the news.

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