Before a woman that attracts,
Empty headed, sensualistic,
Hedonistic, animalistic,
Materialistic, I yet feel
Inferior, I, genius, superman,
Great Free Spirit, shown
A lowly and inferior thing.
She is
Powerful, strong,
Low and vulgar, yet high in status,
Superior as certain animals
Are superior, as Pushkin is superior,
My cat.
Confusion upon confusion
Megalomaniac lust.
Paranoid insecurity.

Questions of status
Status as determined, fixed
By things that happened long ago,
Old patterns
Left in the sand by thirsty men
Who crawled across deserts.
My status, my reactions.
They, sinners.
Sinners forgivable.
I powerless, I saintly,
I devil.
You've got that stink about you
I think you're a nark
You have upset my peace of mind.
I am inwardly uneasy, anxious &
Try to forget it.
Pull yourself together.
Neurotic reactions are philosophical confusions.
Learn to separate the ka from the karma,
The ka from the karma.
You, Me, He, I, They?
What do you want?
What do you know what you want?

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