Eternal Recurrence


29 Note. How he spoke to Lou Salome of going to Vienna or Paris to study the physical sciences to get proof for his eternal recurrence. Yet a little mathematics could have disabused him.


284 Affirmation, eternal recurrence. Eternity destruction of time. Eternal recurrence, merging into god. Intensity of enjoyment. Objective of life. Overcoming the barriers that stand in the way of this. Form an image of enjoyment, however unsatisfactory is immediate life.


99 Eternal recurrence, severe test or consolation?. Like the eternal life promised by Osiris, Jesus, Mohammed?
The other day as I was waking up, I felt for the first time that eternal recurrence would not be such a bad idea, that I would like it to be true. Yet I did not feel I had accomplished any great feat of life affirmation. Rather the contrary.

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