Fly Agaric

Rare prize under birch trees on the heath. Gnomestool, entrance to the land of faery. Elves and goblins, Richard Dadd, children’s tales, ancient folk refuse, Celtic twilight, prehistoric religion. Sunlight through the twigs and branches, the wet mid-November leaves. Lancelot and Morgan le Fay. The highest aspirations all for play. Preculture, prehistory, preliterate. The castle, the fortress, the palace, the lords and ladies, the queens and kings. Oak and birch and thorn and mist alive. Who may know but the flower child, persecuted and abhorred?
Strength and weakness, subversive power of the revolutionary rag in the public schools. One who sold black dwarf at Wellington. Revolutionary attitudes of the young. Shelley’s poetry, English brutality, Restoration roaring boys, Peregrine Pickle.
Solzhenitsyn’s soviet dungeon. Genetic bloodbath. Ancient orient, power struggle, judgment hierarchies, force against force. The village seer. The beautiful lands. Those who do not strive. City traffic, clothes and fashions, rich food and sexual adventure, loud communal music, dancing, the power of possessions, richly furnished apartments, crime and struggle. Machines to labour and to stimulate the senses. Relax among the elementals, nothing to do with learning or culture, underlying all, following the destinies of the land. They always knew, commenting always, saw the build-up saw the power.

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