1856 –1939

AN 199, Sense of liberation psychoanalysis can temporarily give, telling a story. Factual content in Marx and Freud.

AO 110, Not conceiving itself as self indulgent depravity, but on a medical model,

ZZ 245, Freud's thought fruitful and valuable in some ways. He saw loss of happiness through civilisation. I think his, pessimism, his despair, was unhealthy.

A 142-3, Fragmentation of society. Spenglerian post civilisation, stability. people feel drawn to accept Freud because they feel convinced by it, it seems it must be true even if it does not meet up to strict scientific criteria. Freud in the same boat as religion.

KK 294, Eros v thanatos. Civilisation and its Discontents.

AM 51, Returning to the powerlessness and fear of childhood. Neurosis is the normal childhood state.

SS 82, Freud effected tremendous change, and much good perhaps, if you think of what went before, though his ideas have mostly been demolished a hundred times over,

AO 87, Freud's spitting on staircase.

AL 362, The liberation that hardly seems to liberate, all the psychoanalysts including all the women in Hampstead.,

AL 173, Freud did not deliver. Fascinating as he is, he does not really offer the intense happiness that is needed to justify life.

AO 58, Dreams that appear to frustrate patients wishes.

AO 109, Céline in Bagatelles writes of someone “I can't remember , his name but he was 'youtre' who invokes Freud to explain his work……Pick, Svengali, Trilby.

SS 136, Idea that Freud's idea of sublimation is overly crude, rather on the level of sympathetic magic. Different idea, a desire is to be taken as an expression of something underlying a desire is concretisation of a tension that might easily have found a different one,

AO 258, Interpretation of Dreams, scientific hypothesis. Most importantly this suggested insight into what we really are, what we really want. Like this magical clue to the real sources, of satisfaction, unconscious wishes from infancy. Like a fall of man. Nature of this lure, see how much it lends itself to exploration and development. Instead of what one normally wants, one may come to want something different, namely this infantile satisfaction.

AO 184, Freudian pessimism. Can one allow that it might possibly be true? If thought really does have this dangerous character, are we letting ourselves into a form of irrationalism?,

AO 163, Nietzsche's conception applied to the Freudian value would be that it is clearly decadent, for a very good reason. Freud’s philosophy as underlying this principle of censorship. The instincts at war with each other….Are we to live with a Freudianism that claims to liberate but believes in repression,

AO 115, Conflict, that the instincts are dangerous and have to be restrained. Morality of the weak that invokes the dangerousness, hence the fear, of uninhibited instinct.

AO 174, Psychoanalysis the new Judaism. why pick a fight with Freud? because he has an intellectual authority to which I think he is not entitled, claim of an intellectual depth and charisma I want to , deny.

AL 182, Freud and his view of civilisation. It is not civilisation as such that is depressing. It is Christian civilisation. And it is what Christianity has led to, the dominance of mediocrity, a profoundly depressing ideal.

AL 25, Freud's doctrine of civilisation is misguided and depressing. It contains the suggestion that in the brutish and short lies true happiness, and that increased civilisation is a diminution of this. If you think like this you cannot be fulfilled or happy, you cannot see learning and civilisation as a path to a deeper, richer power and enjoyment.

F 163, His Jewishness. Why he did not go whole Nietzschean hog,

am 41, Pick quotes. “culture of psychoanalysis”.
Pick’s axe to grind. “Our psychoanalytic culture”. His criticism of Foucault. “The discourse of degeneration” he presents largely as an the expression of insecurities and anxieties. How the concept of individual degeneration become extended to take in concepts like the degeneration of the crowd. This psychoanalytic perspective consists in looking for unconscious motives. This he presents as an advance on nineteenth century positivistic approaches to the history of ideas, attempts to recapture the authors intentions.
How could it be said that Freud actually has advance human knowledge? Could I possibly accept that? What he says about unconscious motives behind Lombroso, certain perceived difficulties. There is a danger in a spurious perspective that refuses to encounter ideas on their own level and claims to refute by means of the unconscious motive. And there is something about the whole psychoanalytic philosophy that weakens, sickens, depresses. Seeing ideas not in terms of power but of weakness. the perspective which does not engage in full frontal attack, which gets behind ideas, explains them away. Freudianism makes sick, values sickness higher than health. With no way out, etc etc


See how he brings the Freudian philosophy into the history of ideas, a d consider how much this really is an improvement.

AM 106, Giddens speaks with much respect of psychoanalysis as a body of knowledge. Psychoanalysis may be in its very origins misconceived, but to realise this is not to any degree to shift it.

AM 162, Forlong's Rivers of Life. Phallic interpretation of the Bible… in its way this stuff is as strong as Baudelaire or Freud. It has the same liberating quality.

AM 29, Note what Field says about Wagner acting like Freud, later, offering satisfaction for all kinds of repressed, desires.

AM 25, Pick. with that type of intellectual academic preoccupation the natural question is what happens to the sex drive. There is the strange decadence of psychoanalysis. which I hate because it is a great emotional wank, excluding me.

B 62, Pessimism of death instinct. Accepting the fact of a death instinct one can no longer trust one's inclinations, one's most basic drives, one's true will.

GG 124, Because Freud made libido immoral he was led to the idea that all morality is against the interests of the self. Only direct self gratification could be truly satisfying. This lead to the attitude that the only thing truly admirable is uninhibited self indulgence…..,

AK 264, Curses, crimes, that pollute, that bring guilt, but are outside individual control, nothing to do with “freewill”. This, rather than the facile humanistic optimism of “new age” is true paganism. Freud helped bring back a bit of paganism. But perhaps sickness should not be our model. Destiny is a better, one, though that may be misunderstood.

AB 240, The charm and appeal of Freud. He deals with the satisfaction of desire. He initiates into a surreal world, wherein dreams are as potentially satisfying as reality. Yet what is his scientific status? Ideas are attractive, fascinating, is that therefore sufficient reason for accepting them?

AC 201, Some say he developed not a science or a pseudo science but a mythology. Attempt to pigeonhole what he did, to fit it into a familiar category. Interest and originality.

A 133, My bad trips remind me of Freud's compulsion to repeat which he discussed in relation to shell shocked soldiers.

AB 247&, Freud and Christianity. In its cleverness and well worked out complexity it appeared to have no competitor. Who thought of applying criteria of scientific method to Christianity in the middle ages? When there are competitors , the great question of legitimacy comes up. Wollheim. Oddity is that it does not even attempt to evaluate ultimate worth. True, false, or what?

AB 41, Pessimism. Nationalism. Suggestion that satisfaction is not possible. I may not be able to satisfy directly my desire to rape. If we believe with Freud that these basic drives have to be satisfied directly, then obviously they cannot be. If one believes with the nationalists, that all that is needed is for certain emotions to be indulged, then it is clearly attainable. But what is its value?

AC 203, In creating something absorbing and interesting (whether it produces ultimate liberation is somehow , irrelevant) Freud offers the opportunity for a new range of power games. He offers a type of experience a bit more like oriental meditation, to the west.

AC 238, The young apes kill the father. Later the repressed guilt of this comes out in setting up the Jehovah figure. Later the repression of the murder comes to the fore, and this god is slain. Antisemitism is a rejection of the Law. Rejection of the Law is rejection of the father as tyrannical role model. Meaning a degree of rejection of one's natural self.

AC 4, Haeckel. Nietzsche subscribed to Haeckel's theory and influenced Freud in this respect, i.e. the infancy of man being like the infancy of the race and various layers of repressed memory remaining,

AD 251, Idea that Freud’s theories are a mixture of obsolete medicine and what virtually amounts to a cocaine psychosis. many features of his work are said to be characteristic of the cocaine user…relation to Dali, , Crowley.

AE 72, Art is not exactly work in the sense Weber understands it, Freud himself sees this clearly enough. Art is a form of play, the artist himself is supremely fortunate in making a living from this.

AI 177&, Freud as promoting slave values. In claiming that, the true object of life is pleasure, rather than power, he makes it look simpler than it is, tending to presuppose current standards and values. Concept of neuroticism. turning most human life into failure, making adjustment a matter of the highest importance…..mental health. potentially depressing ideal. To adhere to it may involve acquiescence in a negative judgement upon oneself. genesis of guilt.

AJ 174&, Will to power. Desire for your ideas to flourish in the world. Nearly always dishonesty. You have a doctrine and you want to have followers. The true joy of life that you have discovered is that of being a king in the realm of thought. You present yourself to your followers in a somewhat dishonest guise as a humble servant of truth. You do not teach them your real secret.

AJ 178, With Freud we say what we think he is really doing as distinct from what he says he is doing. Quite obviously there is another way of looking at it - that of those who disagree with us. Freud and what his doctrine promises. The happiness available within such a belief set. We analyse it in terms of will to power….complete certainty can give triumphalist sort of feelings… analyse from a point of view in which we do not share that belief.

QQ 156, Freud as understood by Dali interpreted modern art as a confusion of the mechanics of art with itself.

AJ 71&, Eysenck on. Anna O (tubercular meningitis) the Wolf Man , (uncured) Little Hans (wrongly diagnosed). Takes case too far in denying infantile sexuality. Description of Psychotherapy as 'The prostitution of friendship'. Says Freud was able to impose his own neurosis upon the climate of opinion. Genius of propaganda and persuasion. Suggestion society does not repress.

ZZ 180, Man v Woman. “Talk about your fears and anxieties” says the woman. “But I don’t have any” says the man. Ultimately perhaps the woman has more trust. Submissive to authority, whatever that is, of man or collective. In the man fear and anxiety could be stimulated, but the potential is not the same as the actual. This one answer to Freud and the American brood he has spawned. "Woman lives with fear, man must live without it".

ZZ 50, Frazer - Freud. Instead of the analytically sound methods of the previous era, a reversion to magical modes of thought. Modern psychology, the Freudianism and post Freudianism that has so influenced our culture might well be seen as a Jewish conspiracy. For there is much priestcraft in it.

TT 92, Freud's work in overthrowing sexual repression counterproductive. the guilt attached to sex, especially perverted sex, has spread to all the spheres where unconscious motivation is supposed to operate. , corporal punishment. sexual energy driven out of many of the places where it used to dwell.

TT 158, Freud, Swinburne sex. shockingness of reduction of everything to sex a point in his favour. if we detach his theories from the unfortunate fact the people really believe in them then they are quite bizarre, surrealistic. Unfortunately.. ideologies. sub Freudian idea that we ought to be at home in the world, that a satisfactory sex life ought to provide all the , excitement anyone requires.,

ZZ 152, "Hell is other people” is, I suppose, an original anti-Freudian concept. Huis Clos like an encounter group, but with the original idea that there is not and cannot be a satisfactory solution.

SS 194, Freud succeeding in bringing about a desexualisation of life through his identification of so many different kinds of perversion. Sex comes more and more to , signify the desire to penetrate. Yet whole life suffused with sexual feeling which is simply pleasure and was not, before Freud, associated with guilt. Sublimation conscious enough but regarded as quite , laudable rather than a pathetic substitute.,

II 140&, Jesus extends guilt from acts to thoughts, Freud from conscious thoughts to unconscious thoughts, i.e. possible thoughts, thoughts that may be elicited. Contrast with Nietzsche’s concept of lying. Difference between , self deception which can be sorted out by a moment's serious reflection, ..long process of analysis,

J 16, Cioffi's article on Freud very perceptive and accurate but it would not by itself be enough to discredit Freud. He helped to mould twentieth century thought, simply the way we think. methods may or may not have been scientific but he has given us a set of concepts within which we now live and experience our lives.

TT 94&, Freud a stage in the internalisation of guilt. First guilt for acts, then with Jesus for thoughts, now for unconscious thoughts and motives. Include shame. Unconscious motives. To deny such motives is not necessarily ignorant or perverse. One may quite , reasonably refuse to count them as of any significance. Freud no bad man, no Pascal or St Paul.

AN 346, Rupert Brooke. aggression directed away from women. How , to reconcile this with idea of the rationality of the war? Rationality is only one interpretation. The other I propose could blame it on feminism and democracy, indirectly, irrationally, but not in a Freudian way. & see how Freud can be made to seem superstitious.

B 65, Freud conceived satisfaction wrongly. Experience of satisfaction can still take place though certain energies still dammed up, viz the mystics. Reality principle can be something that is enjoyed. in the Fichtean sense, and such enjoyment is of an altogether higher quality than Freud's mechanical theory would allow. Compare with Hegel. Freedom as understanding of necessity.

IX 172, Freud's discussion on good and bad faeces more illuminating than the stuff produced by philosophers.,

SS 20, Definition of integration as the imitation of the , father. If this is the highest ideal then social conformity becomes the highest value…presumably Freud against the Gnostic.,

D 19, Freud succeeded in imposing his terminology on a great number of people. trouble with terminology of people like Freud, Hegel, Heidegger, is that for all that it might not be ultimately repressive, it has an arbitrary feel about it. Many different myths might express the same truth, but to get to the truth one has to spend one's time on the myth, an activity sometimes of dubious value.

G 142, Freud thought in terms of empirical psychological forces. If our health of mind depends on these, rather than upon our understanding of something, it is hard to understand, our health of mind will be qualitatively rather than merely quantitatively variable… mystery religions.. Jung on timeliness and necessity of Freud, ridding the mind of centuries of accumulated sexual , guilt. relief.. later tensions in system led him to reject idea of complete freedom from repression as a , living possibility…


47 Freud’s supposed Nietzscheanism. Nietzsche’s difference from Freud. Freud and the lure. The lure is like Nietzschean. Not simply that there is a death instinct but that even our efforts to understand our predicament are driven on a dangerous and self destructive course.. the ideas we are attracted to are dangerous. There is no invisible hand,
we cannot trust our instincts because we are inspired by a self destructive aggression, all kinds of criminal and aggressive urges that Freud g=finds in us.. so we have to find an outlet for these thin the psychoanalytic session,
Accept the politically correct ideas, (Marx?) which may not fit well without our instincts. But where does this politically correct idea come from? Someone else’s will to power… ,322 Sexual nature of the Great Work. It seemed to me that Egyptian civilisation had a close understanding of the great work and what the real point of life is.
The sexual nature of it, that is remote form the understanding of our adolescent Buddhism.
Coning to terms with oneself and all one’s experience. Transmuting what is painful and unsatisfactory. I think of Egypt as a culture where such wisdom was encouraged.
Everything that is against the great work, that is the alchemical transmutation of one’s own life.
In our society Marx and Freud. Underlying them is magic. What they are is magic, this is the ground of their appeal
So more fundamental than them is the of magic, as attempted by Frazer. For all its faults something is attempted here which gets priorities in the right order.
What is interesting about Marx and Freud is why they are interesting, i.e. what makes them seductive given we do not accept them as true.
They are supposed to be deep and intellectual, and they promise certain results. The promise is interesting
Egypt, magic, the ideal of sexual integration. But so different from the democratic ideal that is promoted in our society,
Whole philosophies elaborate simple prejudices. One cannot really understand the meaning of the great work until one has lived. One has not enough to work on. Anything seems possible, realisation of any ideal. ,,

at ,379 Lewis. Boring nature of Joyce’s conversation. Personal nature of his ambition. Yet post Freud that might be acceptable.,

Az 73 Went to see play Duet For One at the Almeida. Based on Jacqueline du Pre, 6 sessions of psychotherapy. Something dated about the therapy, as Freud recedes into history. “the wisdom of central Europe” says someone in the programme notes.

158 Praz writes of “ a more or less obvious truth – that is that love of the exotic is usually an imaginative projection sexual desire” he refers to a poem by Mallarmé.
These days I would say that is not quite so obvious. Does sexual desire need to be imaginatively projected? And with this reduction of all things to sex is the suggestion that travel is unnecessary? Could someone like Freud manage to explain how sex could be so satisfying that travel became unnecessary?,


41 Ubermensch. Without this brutal and fear inspiring figure he would be open to misunderstanding (though he is anyway), He is not the same thing as the Freudian id which is something that has to be restrained.
Dangers of accusations of antisemitism. Freud’s conscious Judaic agenda.


86 The Austrian empire. Attitudes to sex before Havelock Ellis & Freud. Freud’s story of childhood. His mythology. Other ways in which that might be written. Escapes from repression. Freud’s as an illuminating story. Yet one can write others. Part of it a programme for Jewish cultural domination. Obscene, yet we see in Pick how it can co exist with extreme priggishness and sanctimony. People’s shame and guilt about their perversions,. Or is adulthood all a matter of defiance? What is the wisdom into which one is supposed to be initiated? I think of the demand for gay marriage.
Women and their attachment to biology. Scottish Calvinists, Catholics with their confession. The sin and guilt they throw over life.
Homosexual liberation was a sort of victim culture sickness. Affirmed out of a sort of compassion. No clear virile assertion What was the real wisdom of society about sexuality? Sex is isolating. As socially uniting it is disgusting. A wisdom of virility and defiance.. the God of the Jews. Circumcision.,

99 Is Freud’s view of conscience Germanic rather than Jewish? Can one detect the voice of Kant via Weininger?,

162 Freud. Personification of forces with their own interests. The promise of a satisfaction that is separate from will Understanding sex as will and power as distinct from pleasure. A will to power rather than will to The slave offered a happiness distinct from his own will, his own projects. Jung, generally seen as Freud’s intellectual inferior pointed to the psychological depth in 15th century alchemy,. In this he was right, though not necessarily in how he explains or justifies it.
Ignorance of the will to power, leaving out of the account, pleasure.,

189 Grierson for all his knowledge some things he doesn’t know. Ideas about religion, missing some of the depth. He doesn’t use Freud, and that may be to his credit, but there are similar ideas he could have responded to.,,

au 24 Enjoyment of the young child. Fraud’s psychoanalytic perspective. Tricks of memory. Innocence of a child who knew no rude words. Who did not live through other’s opinions of him. Original sources of being. The real world of desire. Freud and childhood sexuality Take it as the adult would As myth to inspire the adult rather than necessarily as real memory. To recall what one was as a child,

34 tv prog about psychoanalysis in the USA just after the war. A revelation, a new villain in Anna Freud. The conformism of American society, which we always took to be a natural product of capitalism, or the American character, was conscious theory. Idea that one must conform to the norms of society to build up the ego as a defence against irrational drives.,

248 The real danger of Marx and Freud. Their use to kill creative thinking on what would have been their levels.,

307 Official society, official competitive values,. Rewards from a approbation, from playing the game according to the rules. How this hides and obscures the will. How Freud in a way recaptures it, but how his movement manages to lose it again.,,

ar 358 Freud’s theory of paranoia, linking it to repressed homosexual libido, narcissism linked with homosexuality paranoia megalomania with narcissism. Ingenious like this dream theory. What can we make of his sexual ideal? His standard of health, is it realistic? Is it something of a fascist ideal of health? To have such an ideal can help your won will to power. It is your won doctrine Identifying yourself with that promotes your sense of your won well being. How different are modern sexual conditions from those of Freud’s Vienna? Have we moved on? All the intellect that went in to psychoanalysis in some ways misguided. Instead of that promote something like Pearl. In Victorian pornography there was an attitude of moral rebellious that was as philosophically valid as Freud’s own medicalisation


150 Reading the book about the influence on Jewish mysticism on Freud. Interesting about the sheer virulence of Viennese antisemitism in 1882. the excesses, understand the reaction without agreeing with it.
Bakan book, Freud’s thoroughgoing Jewishness, Sabbatianism and its role in preparing the Jewish enlightenment, which was not so imply an entry into gentile culture,

153& Bakan emphasises Freud’s interest in pacts with the Devil the yoke of the law. At the heart of the western tradition is anti-semitism and the opposite of that is just Jewish supremacist

Sheer intensity of Freud’s Jewish commitment. Despite the antinomianism. (in some respects the yoke retained, as in the idea of genitality, the idea of the wife., His remarks on Daniel Deronda. Things hews speak of only among themselves. So they are admittedly secretive and yet they desire to dominate the rest of us with their cultural products. Psychoanalysis was presented as science. For decades it dominated the mind of western man. The religious Jew is deeply and profoundly different. How judaisied our culture became.
Freud’s absorption in Jewish problems.. Mysticism and sabbatianism, his theories of sexuality. The dominance achieved for a while by his Jewish ideas over the gentile intellect.
Crowley’s interest in the kabbalah. Contributions of these ideas, including the Zohar, to creativity of thought.. but also the aggression. Idea of the yoke of the law as the price to be paid for the power offered. The deeply alien quality of the Jewish emotional universe, The different value set upon sexuality. The intensely matriarchal character,. The overvaluation of women, the daughter, the mother, the wife.
The puzzle of where all this could have come from. The extraordinarily different religion. AS 11 life, everyday life, as controlled by rules. even the rewards all come with rules sexual pleasure has been colonised made matriarchal..
What cold have been the origin of this peculiar matriarchy that form of enslavement?
Understanding Freud. The kabblah long influenced gentiles. There was the Christian kabbalah. Some of the roots were in neoplatonism, in Erigena.. Freud also fascinated but he seems to a degree malign. In my writing on Freud I opposed Nietzsche to Freud. But the real significance of Freud is that he offers a Jewish cure for a Jewish sickness, With respect to gentiles, the reward is power over their minds. Pulling them so far into Jewish thought but only so far as to get a hold
Nietzsche eon Wagner,. The conversion of the Jews. He understood as much about antisemitism as Wagner did,. Freud as Jewish mystic,.
The pessimism of Freud, the ultimate unhappiness, comes down to his Jewishness. All his pessimism relates to his Jewish identity. His desire to be both kinds of Messiah, the military as well as the spiritual

165 Crowley like Freud, Freud like Crowley. Enlightenment as power, the egoless enlightenment some people promote as equivalent to death. Mysticism as the will to death.
Crowley on sexuality. Typical of his whole message and the need to read between the lines. The Jesuit God, the Jewish lies and deception, as something vital to our civilisation antithesis, content with a naïve Christian dualism.. the inevitable deionisation, to be ruled by a lie out of good will. How intolerable is that . the sincere but naïve.

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