Grandparents with the adolescent boy

The rude, as remembered
Girls and their parts.
The outrageous rudeness.
The command of nature.

The fatherless man
The fatherless woman
Sonless both
A T** not a M*
What is a T**?
Primaeval male impulse.
How little understood?
Desire as crime
Morality criminal.
Something new living
A miracle distressed
Newly emerged from
The chrysalis of childhood
Its regulations,
All things obvious
Though not to me.
On the pebbly beach
Some will cover
Some will not.
The shameless kick
Promiscuous feeling
And its antithesis.
Expecting enemies
There is mystery
Deep, fantastic.
For them
The same
The sensuous,
The shame and the shameless.

How I saw them
How they saw me
What I had to do

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