168 the war against Ialdabaoth. I get pleasure from overcoming resistance, from overcoming the constant pressure that is upon me to think and feel other than as I want to think and feel. Life is a constant struggle, a form of war.


109 generation of Ialdabaoth. When the current order addresses itself to the question of the meaning of life, what it proposes is bowing down to idols. Demand to accept worthless ideas that gratify someone’s power urge. Its wisdom is worthless, repressive, hostile to life. Something completely worthless n the official culture. This is the last man. Rule of the petty people. This is God.
The element of power that attaches to doctrine, even the most stupid doctrine.
Ambiguity, Janus faced gods condemning ‘bowing down to idols’. But Ialdabaoth is the biggest idol of all.

316 Ialdabaoth. The source of the current world crisis. The demand to accept an unacceptable and demoralising idea. Such ideas generated by democracy, not quite the same thing as constitutional or representative government. Democracy as revolutionary ideology. Ialdabaoth. Being forced to eat shit. Relation of this to the Christianisation of the empire. Milton’s Satan and all the problems and questions that generated.


352 Set the questions, even if I cannot quite answer them. How will becomes transparent and turns into morality. Then always, the war against Ialdabaoth, the confutation of the doctrines which dominate us. The revelation of real will as against the false interpretations which expresses the will of the politicians and the system which rules us. Aspects of which system of course performing services which we require


355 What liberates rather an simply ministering to conscience? Politicians, debate about female priests. Could one admire women as liberators? Liberating from the democratic egalitarian mishmash. Churchill’s achievement was to liberate form this egalitarianism. He led, from a position which rejected this. A woman might serve such ends but not insofar as she was insisting on their rights as a woman. I feel similarly about anticolonialism. The fundamental oppression today is a manifestation of Ialdabaoth. I can love respect and admire female qualities which are not concerned with achievement. Joan of Arc one could follow, she represented a struggle against oppression.


307 Nobodaddy and Ialdabaoth. One and the same. Blake as producing a proto form of Nietzsche’s philosophy. We should look to this, the Gnostic impulse. Opposition to Nobodaddy. The war against Ialdabaoth. This fundamental Blakean theme also underlying Nietzsche’s philosophy. This as a fundamental religious movement. I think what Scholem says about Blake, not counting him a Christian believer, and what Jonas (The Gnostic Religion) says about gnosticism generally. Does one support Yahweh or not? Do you prefer the Gnostic myth or the orthodox Hebrew one?


6 Crowley was a deliverer from weltschmerz, he represented affirmation in a strong form. And in the war against Ialdabaoth, as in all wars, sometimes extreme measures are necessary. A general oppression by the zeitgeist, which may be felt as Christianity, socialism democracy or whatever. One may pick on Christianity , identifying strongly with its enemies. Identify the zeitgeist that oppresses with the sprit of Christianity. But the evil runs much deeper.

294 Ialdabaoth and his principles, which underlie his type of society. Paul Johnson, De Maistre. The negative judgement which he aims to impose upon those with a different view of the truth, the light. Different forms this may take. Political, religious moral.
Ialdabaoth. He oppresses if you disbelieve in him. If you do believe in him, as with all the commitment of Allah, then he does not.

313 Resistance to Ialdabaoth. The basically paranoid vision that to bring out in full would be my real creative achievement.

320 Resistance to the claim to truth of the dominant ideology. Ialdabaoth the claim to truth of the dominant ideology.

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