Judgement of Paris

She was the Queen of Heaven
The spouse of the Most High
She came down to Paris
His judgement for to try,

And when she took her clothing off
"My Goddess", Paris cried,
"To see thy breast I am so blest
I surely must have died!".

And then came Aphrodite,
She too completely bare,
He gazed upon her buttocks
Her breasts and pubic hair.

The maid of war and wisdom
Then let him feast his eyes
Upon her holy nakedness,
Upon her virgin thighs.

Then it was explained to him,
It was for him to see,
That nothing was more beautiful
Than one among those three.

The three immortal goddesses
Had come, and all undressed
To ask a mortal man to choose
Which was the loveliest.

But Paris finds it hard to tell,
He twiddles with his thumbs.
"Turn round again please goddesses,
Let me compare your bums".

Now Venus's was chubby,
Athena's bum was tight,
But Juno's arse was quite first class,
A truly splendid sight!

But Paris judged not straightly
For overcome by lust,
He took a bribe from Venus
And so betrayed his trust.

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