By local bus stop yesterday
A cold sunny first of May
I watch the bright fresh ivy leaves
Pale green, fluttering in the breeze
In early evening sunshine shining bright.

This quality of wind and light
And temperature combining with
My standing here
Provokes a mood
Untypical of time of year
Half recalled from infancy, a rare
Complex sensation
An involute I seem to know,
Old memories of light and air
That were
Repeated on a railway station
Platform just a week or so ago.

It’s just my local bus stop
There’s beauty here but
Much to get away from,
Which I do
A few days later when I went
Driven to
A lovely garden in the Weald of Kent.
Apple blossom, buttercups and tufted vetch.

And later still
A wetland dell.
With oxeye daises, irises
And banded demoiselle.

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