Music venue

Outside the venue
Stretches a long queue
Observed by a man,
From the ruling class,
Old, rich and fat,
A judge or a lord or
Something like that
With patrician contempt for
This pecking order,
That gives satisfaction
To these young folk.
“Rock’n’roll is just
For adolescents”
Thus Jagger spoke;
But sexual lust
Is enticing, alluring,
Not only in youth…
When Schopenhauer said
The most important task
Is reproduction
Did he speak truth?
That is to ask
Is there something better?
To whom should we listen?
The voice of the elders
With authority tells us
There is something higher
Worthier to inspire
But see how wrong
They so often were
Led along
By fragments of exploded creeds
Seeking to justify
Indefensible deeds
With bits of bigotry
Handed down the generations,
What people thought
All of it mistaken
And too long enduring.
Let those who think otherwise be taught
By what the establishment did to Turing.

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