On Crouch Hill

Hoo-hooooo-hoo hoo-hoo
The woodpigeon coos.

Sounds symbols colours
Unravelled, the contingency
And harmony of nature.
Random malignancy
Threats of an evil god
The animal snarl
As she leaps at my throat.

What a piece of work is man!
To make himself comfortable
To rage and to kill
Your slice of time
Blessed or unfortunate.
Injunction of duty
What has to be done?

Symbols disconnected
The pattern devised by
Democratic bellicosity
Giving good conscience to
Murderous malignancy
Sounds symbols colours
No longer cohering
Each in its place
Something for me
To see and to hear
Creating alarm.

Hoo-hooooo-hoo hoo-hoo
Hideous sounds of the
Eurovision song contest.
The smallness of all of this
In love or in hate.

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