Like I like the countryside
Man and I just hate cities
And your country is just
Beautiful, I love it, says
The American visitor,
Effusing with apparent
Joy. The nun thinks
Of the young priest, blue
Eyed and sexually under-
Experienced. God, yes
God, the love of God
God loves you and wants you
To be so, like an infant
Who comprehendeth so
Little. Yet it will be
Clear, happiness will one
Day reign, to which you
Approach so much closer
And closer. For if it
All seemed nonsense, yet
There is another way of
Looking at it, and it has
Been all so well worked out
And your trials and tribulations,
They shall have an end.
Ah the ingenuity!
Perfection is there to
Be aimed at, it is knowing
A whole lot of gratifying
Rubbish. And surely that
Is power?

JSM 1977

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