St Stephen Walbrook

To this newly reopened
City temple, I return in search of
Spiritual consolation
And strength to pursue my adulterous will.
I pray for sexual satisfaction,
Relief from the turbulence of
My spiritual state
& the pain of frustrated desire,
No God, no Lord,
No sin,
But alive to the fascination of the architecture,
The dome and the pillars,
Corinthian capitals,
Multiform intricacy of carving and moulding,
Monuments, pulpit, sounding board,
Esoteric religion, organic luxuriance,
Phallus and breast,
Triumph, spiritual uplift, play,
The coffered and wreathed
Confronting the world
With suffering and discontent.
The clear glass,
For calm self assessment, in search of decision.

Which fails to emerge.

Foliage, flowers, roses and palms.
Repudiate, reject, recoil.
From the form of the true, the treasure
Seek calm and strength,
Resolve to obtain the objective,
Release from its thwarted pressure.

I later return in spirit and flesh,
With my cousin the clergyman.

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