Three dead

Three women, now dead
Untimely all.

I cherish the memory
My sight of their
Living bodies
And theirs of mine

Sjanie, Gerda’s cousin

We went to a beach at Hook of Holland,
She, Gerda, and myself, all nude.
Gerda invited Sjanie telling her how enjoyable nudism is.
Hearing this I felt that now Gerda and myself
Were completely in tune sexually.
We had good sex after returning from the beach.
Sjanie joining in the nudism inspired a lot of thoughts.
I love persuading women to take their clothes off
I am much taken with this inhibition and its overcoming.
On this small aspect of female psychology
I think I have an
Understanding I would like to expand.
Seeing Sjanie naked, made quite a lot of difference
I think, much more than just seeing her arse,
Which happened two years earlier.
After practicing nudism with a
Woman I never sees her in the same way again.
I feel warmer, a good feeling,
Sexualised in a way I would like for all my female friends.
So much more I could say, to give
It precision. I might say it brings authenticity.
Normal friendly relations are enhanced.

“You’ve got a harem”, she said.
As I walked behind them, comparing the two
Bare bottoms.
Her athletic, stocky body, different from Gerda’s.

Then Jan, Gerda’s friend
Returning to Ibiza, 2005 Gerda and Jan.

Jan saw me naked many, many times.
I never saw her bum but she showed me her breasts
We all went to nudist beaches,
But Jan kept her knickers on.

Once I suggested to Gerda we should go
To a nudist beach with Jan,
Perhaps she could drive us to the one in Norfolk.
Gerda was against the idea.
She said she would not feel comfortable
Being naked with Jan,
It was different with Sjanie.

Then one day they were both
In a changing room together.
Gerda was wearing a thong,
“You’ve got a nice bottom” said Jan.
“John likes it” Gerda replied.

After we returned from Ibiza Gerda said
That she did not mind at all
Being naked in front of Jan.
She thought that Jan should have
Taken her clothes off
And let me see her naked.

The last of these to die was Pili.

She used to give me massage
Touched my bare buttocks
And saw my erection.

I took her to the spa.

Standing washing herself
In the shower with her back to me,
She showed me her bum.

I noted her abundant pubic hair.
Gerda says I underestimated her
Used to find her boring
Was unfeeling when I heard she was dying.

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