Train journey

Over the rooftops of the city
From the moving train
The sense of so many
Possible things
That might be enjoyed
So much more easily
By a disembodied spirit
Free to move and to penetrate
Deep into the treasure of the
Manifold life
Below displayed.
This is an
Argument for
Angels to exist.

The white sun shines
Through the leafless trees.

As we know from experience
That somewhere there are
Paranoid symbols
That rip the fabric
Of the world apart,
So also, elsewhere,
The opposite tokens
More happily disclose
A vision
As rich in delight
As the other in

Pursuing a creative inspiration,
Taking it far, taking it further,
Pushing it as far as it might go,
Further than is reasonable, into
Unknown territory
Holy grails, redemptresses,
Like this
The best in the world.

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