Walking home

Nietzsche walked in the mountains.
I have walked the London Loop,
As near to home today I walk
Mindful not to limp or stoop.
I step into a busy street
Out of a railway station
Confronted by familiar sights
And wonder what it is incites
This unforeseen sensation
Of power, enjoyment, exaltation.
Is it money just acquired
Or thoughts with which I am inspired?
It’s mid October, I remark,
The evening mild, already dark,
At seven post meridiem
And on the clock that is my being
The seconds tick away
Yet here I like what I am seeing,
Through stroke damaged eyes
And slightly injured brain
Coloured blobs from cars and street lights
Red, orange, white and green,
Gleaming, flashing and reflecting on the
Pavement wet with recent rain.

With small adjustments lately made
Some forms have changed
In major features that pervade
The life of day to day.
My categories need review, for they
Have all been rearranged.

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