Women observed on trains

Inside her work ambitious regulation
Skirt and jacket business combination,
Secretary girl begins her day,
Riding on the Bakerloo line
In the hot and stuffy tube train
Secreting sundry perspiration
Kept in check by chemical spray.

On Network South East
A woman sits and chats
Mundanely for an hour or so
A quality of ordinariness
Contingency, a sister or an aunt.
Something seen in dreams or fevers,

Another, stylish, beautiful,
Kissing, mischievous,
Even her excited hair delighting;
And when she goes
And leaves her man behind,
She somehow seems a
Thing cut off, with
Daily business to perform
Purposeful, preoccupied.

The recent immigrant
Will learn to conform
To foreign ways,
Strives to adapt,
And keeps up with fashion
As well as a native

And then the fat one.
Fat but young,
The chubby chaser
Looks and longs
Dreams of young flesh.
She looks back
Eyes meet
For a second or two.
Such a look
Ought not to
Have passed between them

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